• 28 SEP 15
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    Dentistry and The Digital Age

    At Rockland Riverside Dental in Nyack, NY, Dr. Jacob Wallach has embraced technology and the many benefits it brings to his family dental practice.

    When it comes to dentistry, the advances in digital technology have not only benefited dentists with more accurate diagnostic tools, but have also improved the patient experience in several ways. The use of digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras and dental lasers is much more comfortable than traditional x-rays and they use far less radiation. Digital x-rays and diagnostic tools are also more comprehensive, enabling dentists like Dr. Wallach to plan treatment that will provide lasting, comfortable results.

    DSC_1146 copyDr. Wallach can display these digital images for the patient, making it easier to explain dental health concerns and to discuss possible treatment options. This collaboration is often the key to better dental health and enables patients to understand expected results as well as how treatment can improve their oral health.

    In a recent Journal News article Dr. Wallach also mentions the tracking ability that digital dentistry can provide. The ability to keep images in a patient’s “digital file” helps him to monitor and track dental concerns, avoiding more complex problems down the road. These digital records can also be easily shared with other dentists and specialists when the need arises to ensure a patient receives proper care.

    The field of dentistry continues to evolve and change with the times thanks to dentists like Dr. Wallach in Rockland County. Embracing new technology and techniques makes providing quality dental care easier and more efficient.

    Come in for a visit with Dr. Wallach at Rockland Riverside Dental in Nyack to experience the benefits of digital technology. Maintain, restore and enhance your natural smile with the wide range of dental services we provide in a family friendly setting.

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