• 29 OCT 13
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    Root canal therapy can save your natural tooth! | Dr. Jacob Wallach

    Have you noticed a change in the color of your tooth? Do you have tooth pain that is increasing and especially sensitive to hot and/or cold? Do you have old filings that may be degrading, causing new sensitivity and pain when chewing?

    It could be that, over time, a dental filling has become loose and it is now exposing the nerve. It could be an infection in the tooth. It could be that the tooth is dying for some reason. Whatever the exact cause, the most common treatment is to remove the filling and do root canal therapy on the tooth. This can save the natural tooth, which is always preferred, if possible, over a tooth extraction.

    At Rockland Riverside Dental, Dr. Jacob Wallach offers root canal therapy to Nyack area dental patients, and with the aid of sedation dentistry, patients who undergo the procedure feel minimal pain during treatment. Most will experience relief after the procedure because infected tissue has been removed.

    What is a root canal?

    A root canal is a dental procedure that opens the tooth up, cleans out the soft pulp and nerve tissue inside, and replaces it with stable material. If there are signs of infection, antibiotics may be prescribed. After the soft tissue is removed, the tooth is technically dead but it is also essentially immune to further infection. Teeth can last many years after being saved from extraction by a root canal.

    Root canal therapy for a dying or decaying tooth can save the natural tooth and offer years of comfort and natural function for patients!

    If you have experienced any of the above mentioned symptoms or think you may need to be evaluated for a possible root canal, contact Rockland Riverside Dental in Nyack and schedule a consultation with Dr. Wallach.

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