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    Technology makes visiting the dentist a pleasure! | Rockland Riverside Dental, Nyack

    A visit to the Nyack dental office of Dr. Jacob Wallach is a pleasant experience due to the warm friendly environment, a caring staff, and the incorporation of some of the latest dental technologies that offer patients more effective diagnoses and treatments – as well as reduced side effects and recovery times!

    Dr. Wallach seeks to offer his patients at Rockland Riverside Dental high level dental procedures delivered in a comfortable and pain free fashion- many patients can undergo a treatment without using anesthesia.

    Laser dentistry is at the heart of Dr. Wallach’s ability to offer an accurate diagnosis and precise treatments with reduced bleeding, swelling and recovery. He is one of few dentists in the Nyack area using this technology which can treat dental problems that previously required surgery. The laser allows Dr. Wallach to use pinpoint accuracy in treating the soft tissues of the mouth and sutures are rarely required for the small incisions.

    Dr. Wallach has also incorporated digital technology into his dental practice, using both digital x-rays and intra-oral photography to create crystal clear digital images of all surfaces in the mouth. After being used to assess a patient’s oral health and look for possible problems, these images can then be stored permanently in a patient’s records for future use and reference.

    Cavities are much easier to treat when caught early and Dr. Wallach uses Diagnodent laser technology to detect cavities in the earliest stages. This laser can detect decay developing in small crevices and cracks that would normally be unnoticed and can develop into cavities if untreated.

    Technology has made visiting the dentist a more pleasant experience by allowing Dr. Wallach to detect and treat dental health problems early on when conservative treatment is most effective. It offers patients treatment that is both expedited and less painful, allowing them to return to their daily routine faster.

    Contact Dr. Wallach at Rockland Riverside Dental in Nyack to schedule a consultation today.

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