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    Teeth Whitening: A quick smile makeover! | Rockland Riverside Dental, Nyack

    Our teeth often show the results of age, lifestyle habits and dietary choices that leave them stained or yellowing in color. One of the most affordable and immediate ways to “turn back the clock” and freshen up your smile is teeth whitening.

    Dr. Jacob Wallach, DDS, a family dentist located in Nyack, NY, offers his patients the option of an in office procedure or the convenience of a take home whitening kit. In this way, Dr. Wallach can meet the dental health goals of his patients within their desired budget and accommodate their busy schedules.

    In office whitening treatment can deliver dramatic results in approximately one hour! Dr. Wallach’s patients can come in for this procedure during their lunch hour if that suits their schedule. There are no side effects from this type of dental procedure, except for the possibility of mild sensitivity for a short period of time, and patients can return immediately to their daily routine- with a whiter, brighter smile!

    Many patients prefer the option of an at home whitening treatment either as an additional “boost” to an in office procedure or a more convenient way to achieve the new smile they desire without disrupting their busy schedule. Dr. Wallach will meet briefly with his Nyack area patients who choose this option to customize their take home kit with bleaching trays that will fit directly over their teeth and professional bleaching products. Dr. Wallach will outline a treatment schedule, determining when the patient will where the custom fit trays and for how long, based on their particular case.

    The take home kit that Dr. Wallach offers will deliver results that are superior to those achieved with over the counter products. They will also last longer, requiring only minor touch ups periodically to maintain that whiter smile.

    If you have been considering this procedure to bring back the bright, healthy looking smile you once had, contact Dr. Wallach at Rockland Riverside Dental and schedule a consultation. Dr. Wallach will take the time to discuss your personal goals and offer a treatment plan that suits your needs and desires.

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