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    How do I know if I am grinding my teeth? | Dr. Jacob Wallach, DDS

    Do you have frequent headaches that have no apparent cause?

    Do you have broken or chipped teeth and don’t know why?

    Many people experience a dental condition known as Bruxism: teeth grinding. Since this frequently occurs during sleep, patients may not know that they are grinding their teeth until they come in for a visit with Dr. Wallach at Rockland Riverside Dental.

    Signs and symptoms of Teeth Grinding

    • Worn teeth, look for teeth that have chips or flat spots
    • Dull teeth, because of worn tooth enamel
    • Sensitive teeth
    • Jaw pain
    • Chronic earache without ear infection
    • Headache or facial pain
    • Cuts or sores on the inside of the cheek

    During a thorough exam and routine cleaning, Dr. Wallach may notice chipped, worn and cracked teeth that may signal a patient is grinding their teeth at night. Any of the above symptoms may mean that there is an imbalance in the occlusal system (the bite) and stress is being placed on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

    Dr. Wallach of Rockland Riverside Dental offers several treatment solutions for patients who grind their teeth. Often a custom fit mouth guard is prescribed to protect the teeth and relax the TMJ, reducing the occurrence of symptoms and possible damage to the teeth. For a more complex case, Dr. Wallach may suggest a restorative type of procedure to reshape the teeth and realign the bite:

    • Removing tooth structure
    • Cosmetic bonding
    • Dental crowns or veneers
    • Invisalign therapy
    • Implant dentistry

    If you are concerned that you may be grinding your teeth or suffer from any of the above mentioned signs and symptoms, contact Dr. Wallach at Rockland Riverside Dental to schedule a consultation today.

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