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    Cosmetic and General Dentistry at Rockland Riverside Dental in Nyack, NY

    Rockland Riverside Dental is a dentist office in Nyack, New York. The professional family dentist who offers his services at this dental office is Dr. Jacob Wallach. Dr. Wallach is a general dentist in Nyack who treats both children and adults, which makes this the ideal dental office for the entire family. The Rockland Riverside Dental office is located in the downtown area of Nyack. As a Nyack dentist, Dr. Wallach received his extensive education and training on various dental procedures and types of dentistry. In fact, aside from general dentistry, Dr. Wallach also offers cosmetic dentistry for patients who want to improve the physical appearance of their teeth.

    Those who have been seeking a Rockland County dentist can rest assured knowing that the Rockland Riverside Dental office is available. The entire team of sophisticated professionals at Rockland Riverside Dental is caring and compassionate. Dr. Wallach is gentle with his patients while providing the dental services to ensure patients feel relaxed and comfortable.

    Some of the services that are offered at this Nyack dental office include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, and invisalign. The traditional dental services, such as routine cleanings, fillings, and root canals are also offered by Dr. Wallach at the Rockland Riverside Dental dentistry office. The office is always accepting new patients to come in and have their teeth examined by Dr. Wallach. During an examination, Dr. Wallach will take a close look at the teeth via diagnostic x-rays. At this point in time, Dr. Wallach also discussed dental concerns with his patients. Bleeding gums, crooked teeth, and missing or broken teeth are amongst the common dental concerns of patients.

    Any individual living in the surrounding area who is interested in quality dental care can schedule an appointment at Rockland Riverside Dental. Dr. Wallach is a trained professional with years of experience in helping people achieve both healthier and better looking teeth.

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